Showing off that! Shannon de Lima turns: Jeans about to explode!


She almost played tricks

Shannon de Lima wanted to wish a happy weekend to all her followers. And, without a doubt, they would appreciate it, because they began in a very pleasant way, seeing one of the most beautiful women in the whole planet doing what she knows best: showing off her figure. In the midst of the rumors that speak, and that they assure, that her relationship with James Rodríguez has ended, she merely published a snapshot in which she appears alone, where she names no one and appears on the seashore. The city seems to be Miami, which increases speculation even more, as many say they already have their bags packed, and that they have left Madrid to return to their home, where they lived for several years with their former partner, Marc Anthony.

Analyzing the capture, the Venezuelan appears serious, with sunglasses that practically covers her face completely, and with a rather unimpressive posture. You can only see her right foot raised gently, and she is seen practically on her back. But what she really wants to show off is the size of her tail, which is well adjusted and well marked by the ‘jeans’ you saw, which are about to explode. The size she wears is brutal, and it seems that she will have to buy, from now on, several sizes larger than she currently does. It is not sufficient. 

“Baby, if that is going to explode at any moment, what madness”, “This woman has no limits, I love it”, “Shannon, I met you by James, but now I support you much more to death to you”, “Da the feeling that this is going to crack ”,“ Poor, I feel sad and worried, what a shame it gives me ”and“ The most beautiful on the continent ”was read in the comments.