Fani’s ‘bombshell’ in ‘Survivors’ Unthinkable!


No one would have believed it a month ago

The current edition of the Mediaset reality show, Survivors is having a great reception by the public registering very good audience numbers. A media boom that has also been preceded by the great success of another program of the ‘same house’ as was The Island of Temptations. Moving from one ‘contest’ to another is what the already famous Fani has doneAfter her experiences with the temptations, ‘he has taken the pleasure’ to live on an island and has embarked on a new experience. She doesn’t want to go home anymore!

After being one of the protagonists in the previous ‘reality’ and making the leap to fame, she has returned to ‘leave a mark’ on this new adventure with her surprising statements. After leaving the relationship with her partner Christofer and jumping into the pool with Ruben, she ended up leaving ‘The island of temptations’ alone. Now she has returned with Christofer, and after the confirmation of her future wedding, something that was rumored to be produced to avoid ‘new infidelity’, now Fani has even spoken, of having children!

The contestant commented that they had already talked about the possibility of being parents in the future, but their economic situation prevented it. Now with a good salary on behalf of Mediaset, it seems that when she returns from Honduras, a new adventure together awaits them, fatherhood and motherhood respectively. Although this can not be taken lightly.

The ghosts seem to have already been forgotten, after the great success that ‘The Island of Temptations’ had. Infidelity is forgiven and has managed to return to their relationship as if they had never come out to expose themselves in front of the media outbreaks. Anyone would even say they are at their best. It will be necessary to closely follow their relationship and their nearest future, which at the very least is very busy.