Very hard stick to Antonella Roccuzzo: Shakira sinks her in Barcelona!


Mess of egos

Antonella Roccuzzo turned 32 yesterday since she is a year younger than her husband, Leo Messi. However, Argentina barely appeared on the front pages and in the newspapers and went completely unnoticed. Only her legion of fans remembered and congratulated her, but practically no one else echoed. Something that, of course, bothered Rosario’s tremendously, that it is well known that she has a very strong character and a huge ego and that she expected the planet to be paralyzed because it was her anniversary. Nothing could be further from the truth, for the people, and for the press, it was one more day, from the heap, and nobody, apart from her close friends, congratulated her or lost a second in her. A tremendous blow to her morale.

And more, if we compare it with her great enemy in Barça, Shakira, her great rival for being the most beautiful and mediatic WAG. Because, as long as the Colombian birthday, a couple of weeks before her, is everywhere, and everyone remembers her day. Also, because she celebrates them on the same day as her husband, Gerard Piqué, who always celebrates the goals with a two in each hand, referring to the anniversary of both, on February 2. But the singer also accumulated congratulations and occupied covers long before meeting the Spanish international, something that, to ‘Anto’, obviously, did not happen. Finally, she begins to understand the difference between being a great star and a model, and a ‘sex symbol’ for a whole generation, to be known for being ‘the woman of’. In this case, the best footballer of all time, and winner of the Golden Ball and the ‘The Best’, as well as captain of Barça and the ‘albiceleste’ team.

Sad, but true, there is no doubt.