Unleash the madness! Amanda Lee hitchhikes like this and the drivers freak out


She went to celebrate the figure reached

Amanda Lee is one of those she is looking for and in the end, she always ends up finding a way to have us stuck to her posts. And it is not that what counts of her life through them is of the most interesting thing, is that the one that interests is she. And  Amanda knows it and exploits it. So much so that she has put on long shots to celebrate her 12 million faithfulhitchhiking her style!

Despite the fact that the coach came almost to the penalty spot in this world, it must be recognized that she has adapted easily, she has learned from the great things what has to be done to leave the staff with her mouth open and put it in practice and it does very well!

Or is hitchhiking not a most original way?

Especially if you consider that the model chosen by the athlete is the most!

The excuse was to go out to celebrate the number of faithful that has reached to be able to release the black lycra jumpsuit that had been reserved in the closet for an occasion like this, and although we already knew that the figure of the athlete is a pass, with the garment You have chosen, there is no room for doubt!

And as if that were not enough, it is planted in the street, at the edge of the road hitchhiking waiting for a charitable soul that takes it to its destination, will not you realize that the only thing that can happen is that the drivers flip with their vision?

And that the volunteers to take her are so many that she is forced to request the resume of each one of them, in the purest style of Andrea Valdiri!

It is not surprising that she unleashes madness and leaves everyone who sees her in this way speechless, we have not yet been able to recover from this vision of Amanda.