They have destroyed it! The merciless networks and against Paula Echevarría


It’s what the actress least expected

The influencer who no longer has a blog but still giving fashion lessons, Paula Echevarría, is experiencing one of the most bittersweet moments of her life. On the one hand, the trip to Kenya with her boy, Miguel Torres, is leaving her fascinated and on the other, all that delirium of happiness has been marred by the criticisms she has received and which have not been soft at all. Even if she doesn’t say it,  Paula is broken.

A few days ago I left the fashion post with those who have been hooked to quinceañeras for 10 years and to those who are not so much and put land in between with the excuse of participating in the program of Jesús Calleja ‘Planeta Calleja’. And in Africa, the actress not only dedicated herself to observing wild animals and starry skies, but Paula also took advantage, among other things, to continue making cash with the promotion of brands through her networks.

With the excuse of keeping her hair as magnificent as until now, Echevarría neither cut nor lazy publicized a well-known brand of shampoo encouraging the rest of her followers to acquire it … but was she not in Africa enjoying the wildlife and the company?

This woman is a cash register far from home …

Although the followers instead of running to the store in search of shampoo have run to comment on the bad taste of the actress in their networks, they have not had a hint of mercy with her!

And if this is not enough, the look of the Spanish has not been free of comments, and not good …

With the ‘simplicity’ that characterizes Echevarría when it comes to dressing, putting on makeup and choosing accessories, the followers have not stopped when it comes to commenting on the amount of makeup she was wearing, for a landscape that does not allow her to go long!

Critics rain down but she doesn’t bite her tongue Encourage all those who do not have beautiful words to contemplate the landscapes they publish instead of looking at the amount of mascara they carry.

And it is that even Africa has to be reaching the screams of everyone who looks at it.