Shannon de Lima lying like that on a stretcher! Does not wear: Eye!


Is completely naked

Shannon de Lima also suffers from stress and pressure, no matter how many times she doesn’t say it or shows it. And it is that most people believe that the famous and ‘influencers’ live in a bubble of money and reputation, and what they say around them is not affected in the least. But the reality is very different, because, logically, they are normal people, of flesh and blood, and many of them do not know how to take criticism very well, which generates anxiety, stress, depression, anger … that is already a thing of each one, and it is clear that some affect them more than others. In the case of the Venezuelan, she does not receive too many insults a day, and she knows how to fit the blows very well, but that does not mean that, from time to time, she also feels mental fatigue and exhaustion.

And one of their usual methods to isolate and clear themselves are massages. Something that is clinically proven to work, and very effectively. Because it releases the knots and the tension that is loaded on the back, something that is very common, and very painful, as well as dangerous since that can cause ailments such as lumbago and other cervical and lumbar problems, which affect when walk. The current couple of James Rodriguez published a snapshot in which she looks very comfortable, on the stretcher, completely naked, and in her own house, so she forced the masseuse, or the masseuse, to move.

“What stress of life”, “That Shannon is at ease so that they later say that money does not give peace of mind”, “My father has worked 40 years in the work and has never had a massage” or “Go puja girl whims ”were the most valued comments.