It has happened with that dress! Sol Pérez makes us crazy again with that!


The season ends in Mar de Plata in this way

It is neither the best summer of her life nor Mar de Plata has become the paradise place worthy of the dreams of Sol Pérez and of all mankind. Argentina begins to pack up to escape from that place as the soul that the devil carries, things have gone from bad to worse there! Not even their ultra-tight dresses have had the impact they always have and that is already to worry.

Nor is it that she has stood out as a theater actress of taking off her hat and that her work ‘ Twenty Millions’ has been the cane. From the theater she takes bad rolls with some of her companions and television fights with Monica Farro, you have it all Sun!

Nor was the effect of their mini dresses and maxi c urvas enough to attract the public here?

Not even she who considered himself as the future father of her children, Guido Mazzoni, has endured neither her eyes nor her character. Not a  Sun with a dress that leaves everyone who looks at her crazy has been enough to prevent Guido packing and returning to Argentina, ‘ au review’ to love again.

So the fault maybe with the garment and what it leaves to be seen?

We don’t understand anything … but Sol’s summer is the most unfortunate in the history of all the bad summers in Argentina.

Once she returned to singleness, she returned to bomb social networks with the little models she had left parked for work, the couple and the theater.

And she returned with the dresses that are seen and desired to cover all er own while the theater and Guido ran.

And although there are no good times for Argentina, Sol remains faithful to its line and its inns to continue making cash and win everything that with her play has not been able to.

Dresses do not pay for themselves … even if they are as small as the one she wears.