Daniela Ospina does not hide her new size. Attention to the photo!


It gets more

Daniela Ospina also loves to show off and look pretty. As much as she denies it, she is one more person, and she also likes to feel loved, desired and revered. And for this reason, she often uploads risen photographs, showing more of the account, something that, in a way, she also does to please her followers, because she knows perfectly well that they love to see her more daring and ‘hot’ side. Although it is not very common in it, there are special days in which it is the pleasure to do it, and the occasion does not go unnoticed. Because people go crazy, and start sharing their ‘posts’ and comment on how precious it is in each and every one of them. One thing that James Rodriguez’s ex-wife has never hidden that she loves.

Here, for example, we can see her breastfeeding and showing off the size of innkeepers using a few tricks. The first, taking the capture from an angle that benefits her because they seem quite larger. And second, with the well-known ‘push-up’, something that puts them above, and they adopt a much more round and perfect shape, making, consequently, as an optical effect, they look like several larger sizes. A trap that is already known to all and that does not deceive anyone, because they already know it. No clueless begins to speculate about possible operations, arrangements and other hoaxes that make no sense.

“And what’s wrong with Daniela using that to make her look bigger?” If all the women on the planet use it, she can too “,” Well, it seems perfect to me that she boasts beautiful and sexy that is, what do you want me to say? ”,“ You are prices and period ”or“ I love it, it is simply divine ”were the most read comments.