Alexa Dellanos turns to say goodbye and the photo leaves us speechless!


The farewell was not accidental

Alexa Dellanos been taught since childhood good to say goodbye , say goodbye when running from one place. The thing about going to French without saying a peep does not go with her, and that the airs of diva are not lacking. The Italian says goodbye leaving us speechless with that mastery of languages and then she turns around so we can see her!

Let’s be honest, the interesting thing about  Alexa is not what it says, because rather it is limited to pronouncing monosyllables, nor is it that its polyglot facet goes more than the ‘ciao’ in Italian, what interests it is the way it has to mark her figure and the size of it.

You won’t believe that the goodbye turn is fortuitous, right?

With her, everything is studied by heart, although it may not seem like it…

Know their limitations but also know their strengths, and the latter squeezes them that gives pleasure!

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Did you think that only  Amanda Lee dared with the clothes of lycra? Did you think we knew all the ploys of Dellanos until today?

Well, this is the way that the daughter of journalist Myrka Dellanos has found herself to be on everyone’s lips day and day too.

And at the moment the thing has not gone very badly, at least her followers are still in love with her turns…. And of her little models!

And it is not possible to deny that if the languages ​​resist Alexa the traps do not do so much, that her body responds to the chosen models and that although she tried to hide it – something that she does not do at all, let’s say everything in passing –  Dellanos I would have it very hard to cover all that size!

Dressing like this on her back and saying goodbye almost seems to be listening to the ‘goodbye’, the ‘au require’, the ‘bye-bye ‘ and even the ‘ ciao ‘ of the blonde to say goodbye without opening her mouth.

The same is that no one has stopped to listen to whats she has supposedly been able to say because they were more aware of other things than of her words, the most logical thing in the world to see her like this!