‘The Mister’ threatens to beat ‘Fifty Shades of Gray’


And that the cast is still unknown

The commotion that formed with the novels of EL James did not reach the sole of the shoes that formed with the films and with the expectations that had been put on it. Only with the title ‘Fifty Shades of Gray’ and with the possibility of viewing the much-visited red room the movie theaters were filled. The actress of the saga, following the same line, has just reached an agreement with the Universal producer to take to theaters another of her novels, ‘The Mister’.

The carnage is served and already with the precedent of the previous success much they have to change things so that ‘The Mister’ is not done with the same numbers as their ‘gender sisters’.

Will there also be a room of some color in particular and with its own meaning?

It is unknown if the actors who gave life to Christian Gray and Anastasia Steele will have a place in the new movie or if instead, they have not thought of them at all to avoid comparisons.

London aristocrat mounted on the dollar, multi-million dollar inheritance, peerages to stop a train and a housekeeper more enigmatic than -Alessia- ingredients will be the successor to Gray and have all the earmarks of attracting the public with the same strength as its predecessors!

As in the previous occasions, the writer herself will occupy the position of the executive producer while Sara Scott will be part of her team with Lexi Barta who will act as a director of development.

The novel ‘The Mister’ came to light in 2019 and for seven consecutive weeks, it remained in the top places of Best Sellers according to the New York Times criteria.

Taking into account that its predecessor billed at the box office more than 1000 million internationally, the new adventure of EL James is expected to reach similar figures even without knowing the actors that will give life to a couple of protagonists.

At the moment the official release date is unknown but the faithful of the saga are already eager to see it.