No one like her! Elianis Garrido moves that! crazy. Video!


Continue with the party at home

Although the carnivals touch to an end there are those who have no intention of slowing down or stop dancing, among other things because their life is movement and wiggle to exhaustion! Elianis Garrido has shown that she moves to the minimum because she doesn’t know how to be still!

A  Elianis gave an equal part as a dancer in the video clip of a famous singer to do the parade at parties or move in your own home. The thing is that you notice that your body is like chewing gum and that you wiggle that it gives pleasure.

Did you notice the movement of legs? And how does the navel hide based on impossible movements?

Although the wiggle of her hips is crazy!

It is not surprising that on more than one occasion they have asked for private lessons to achieve the coordination of arms and legs that she has and even to be asked about her dance teacher.

Shouldn’t she be the one to give private dance lessons to everyone who claims to be a teacher?

With the usual comfortable clothes that do not prevent the execution of the movements and with sneakers only suitable for experienced dancers because… nobody but them could move with that weight!

And despite the footwear, the impromptu choreography is as perfect as ever!

It seems impossible that  Garrido has the same bones in the body as the rest of the mortals, she writhes, turns and almost gets to bend without any problem … and as if it were the easiest and simplest thing in the world!

The truth is that simply has little but that Elianis defends herself with music like no other, moving her entire body without even realizing it and making everyone who sees it think that the Colombian is dancing past!