Denise Milani beats Demi Rose: Oversized! Video attention


Demi Rose didn’t count on her

Anyone would say that Denise Milani with that last name has just arrived from Italy wanting to eat the world and all the females that are in it. She has worked well based to avoid being compared with the rest of celebrities, but Demi Rose is not a famous anyone. And despite this, it seems that Denise has come out of this duel well, her profile says that she has far exceeded  Rose’s!

Although the two look alike – at least in grandeur and in the profession – Denise does not belong to the small group of curvy models so fashionable these days. Denise is huge, look at her wherever she looks at her, and despite appearing contradictory, it is obvious that the model’s physique maintains a certain harmony throughout its entirety.

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Rise and shine 📸📸📸

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It could be considered a work of art and we would not be mistaken … do not you think to see it so?

It is not that Demi is not perfect – in her own way she exceeds what she understands for perfection – it is that the forms of both are different. Rose freckle by an excess of size and Milani well but provided without fanfare!

And after seeing her today in the video, after showing us her profile we have no doubt, the Czech has managed to unseat Demi and as she says thanks to the sport because everything is natural in her.

So much nature concentrated in the same body without the help of the scalpel?

It has been imposed as a rule to never teach too much, regardless of the astronomical quantities that are offered to let the world contemplate it with little cloth on it, and today it keeps its word.

You don’t really need to do it. With simple jeans like today and a turtleneck, Denis is able to blow us away and show that the same impression can be made as well.

Demi Rose has a hard time getting back to the title of the big one among the biggest ones, although it is a joy that a model like Denise likes to destroy you, don’t you think?