Very small! Yuliett Torres falls short of what she has put on!


The athlete needs little to provoke comments

We will begin to think that Yuliett Torres has a sense of fashion that does not match the stipulated canons or trends at all. It shows that she has liked the scissors and trim their clothes, there is no other possible explanation. This time it has been too short on fabric!

It was no use that some time ago Yuliett’s Instagram account was closed for wanting to show too much, the model has returned to the walks and returns to the inns where what matters is not the minimum size of the clothes she wears but the size of its silhouette and with today’s model, we are very clear!

Is it true that with the Sol Pérez- style profile inn nothing can be hidden? Did you see the volume spent?

And seeing it in this way gives the feeling that the athlete wants to change her profession and try as a dressmaker or designer because picking up scissors and cutting the length of pants and dresses is very common in her style!

It has already happened to her with shorts that did not meet the minimum requirements to be considered as shorts and today it has happened again with a dress that has little dress because it could rather go through a sweater!

It is no longer too small or mini … there is no qualifier to designate it!

Torres falls short in clothes with knowledge of the cause and with the usual motive, brightens the retina of everyone who comes to look at it and convince the staff of how cool it is to make their own clothes to let the curves be noticed.

We do not know if it will reach the limits before but it is very close … and censorship too, Yuliett!