Lara Álvarez leaves for Honduras … to pay for her new house!


A luxury within reach of very few

If Lara Álvarez has no sentimental partner to endure, professionally it seems that things are something different. She says she does not find a similar boy, although she has not explained what she means by affinity, and goes to Honduras to see if there is any luck there. And to work, now that we have learned about your real estate, you will need many trips to the other side of the puddle!
Although as a businesswoman she has not been doing well and that a little while ago she closed the online clothing store she had opened, she seems to be assured of her presence as a presenter survivors to infinity and beyond. And it is better for her because her duplex in the urbanization of Boadilla del Monte is going to eat an important part of her economy.

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The presenter who initially lived for rent in a small flat in Las Rozas and has always commented to her closest circle the desire to get her own house. And now with her own house also in Las Rozas, she has increased her assets with another she bought on a plane long ago.

Nothing more and nothing less than 150 meters for her alone – until she finds who returns to keep her company – four rooms, solarium, pool, two parking spaces, and storage are some of the attractions of the new house of Lara, won’t it be too much little for a diva like her?

And if you finally decide not to inhabit it, because with the popular you never know, you can always rent it and get close to 3000 euros per month that would suit you very well to continue maintaining your standard of living.

It is said that the price of their houses has exceeded half a million euros each and it is that apparently crossing the puddle is very well paid!

He covers her back in this way, based on real estate investments that guarantee a more comfortable and well-rounded future when the bikinis do not feel like they feel today or can travel to Honduras.

foresight woman, right?