Jen Selter’s views in her gym in New York are not going anymore!


The best way to do sports

It must be recognized, the more facilities you have when it comes to practicing sports, the better the performance or the more complicated the excuse to look for not to do. And it is not that Jen Selter needs many accessories to encourage her to do sports, but it is that with views like those she has in her gym, the thing seems much easier!

He started so long ago to give the gym that she does not even remember, although her body does with the silhouette she has and the size of her abs also serves as a reminder!

And that where she began to exercise has nothing to do with the house she has today with her own gym and with views of Manhattan that take away the hiccups!

Is it your vision or the vision of the city that leaves us speechless? Because seeing it like this we are not so clear

It shows that she has done great with the practice of sports and with the income she has generated!

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They do not believe it?

And although some will look at the panorama that the athlete contemplates while giving the pedals in the elliptical … others we look at how well the red sports set that has been put on!

There is no doubt, sports are her thing, although Jen does not belong to the group of models with ultra-defined muscles that have been so successful lately. Selter has incredible shapes but they are far from those of Yarishna Ayala or Jocelyn Cano! 

Simply proportioned, this is how Jen has managed to become, without a doubt we will have to put a gym at home the rest if we want to look something like her!

Without stridency, combined from head to toe and with the company of your pet, the athlete does not need anything else to make it clear to all her followers that constancy has its reward and that she looks so great!

And New York does too …

And if the views to practice sports are incredible, your vision is more, at least for those who follow it.