¡Bombazo! Karol G makes an irresistible offer to J Balvin for this!


The singer put it on a tray

Karol G’s fortune is so immense that she no longer knows where to invest her money. When it seems that the whims end or that there is nowhere to spend more Colombian goes and surprises with a new waste … and this time the culprit of the expense is none other than  J Balvin!

And it is that among the celebrities of a certain range it has become fashionable to have an airplane as if it were the same as having a car parked in the garage. If you don’t have a plane, you are not important enough.

The plane was Maluma’s dream that boasts of her and cars, that of Fredy Guarín also with the excuse of moving with her faster and now  Karol G joins the long list of celebrities who refuse to suffer problems with the traffic and prefer the privilege of moving in by air.

It was the interpreter of ‘Tusa’ herself who told the story of ‘this need’ and the time she spent trying to locate the model that fit the requirements she was looking for.

Until she learned that her friend J Balvin had one leftover … and she bought it!

The offer was so irresistible that the singer did not know how to refuse!

It tells the little baby that when she saw the plane noticed the positive vibes, and that have served to carry dreams to all fans of J Balvin was finally convinced to stay with her new toy.

Now the singer has a Rolls Royce on earth – among other jewels in her mobile park – and a plane waiting for her at the door of her house to move with all the comforts of comfort.

To release it, the singer temporarily became a flight attendant for the airline ‘Tusa’ that gives directions to travelers that match the lyrics of her theme.

Dance, Medellin, bad girls, crying or depression are some of the expressions you use on the first trip of your plane.

Is there anything on earth that is not yet in the hands of the singer?