Antonella Roccuzzo and Messi frightened! The bomb explodes in Spain


Watch your phobia

The coronavirus is something that, inevitably, is on the lips of all the people of the World, and that is putting fear in the body to the most insecure. Because this ailment has already claimed the lives of thousands of people in China, and has now crossed the continent to reach Europe. It started in France and Italy, and now it has spread to Spain, where several cases have already been confirmed in Madrid and Barcelona. An epidemic that has no end, at least, at the moment and that promises to claim several more victims. Something that does not go unnoticed by football players, such as Leo Messi, who in the last hours has already traveled from Naples, after the draw to one in the knockout stages of the Champions League, and has returned home, where they wait, frightened, New news about the case.

Antonella Roccuzzo, paranoid as always, trembles while taking refuge in four walls. They are really worried, and more after her husband has visited a country hit by the coronavirus. In fact, in Italy, they have been forced to cancel a large number of matches and have forced many others to play behind closed doors, due to the threat of concentrating such a large number of people in the same place. And, in the case of not worrying, the threat of global contagion is tremendous, and, in less prepared countries, this virus can be lethal to the large part of its population.

Messi and ‘Anto’ look for their health and that of their three children, Thiago, Mateo, and Ciro, who will not be able to see the sunlight until the threat has passed. Because right now, Barcelona is no longer a safe city, and less, with the excessive immigration and tourism that there is, a good part, coming from Asian countries like China, Japan, Thailand or South Korea.