She doesn’t know who he is! But Elisabeth Moss ensures that she is watched and closely!


The actress moves to the horror genre

Beginning as a secretive secretary in a series worthy of an ode to end up becoming the protagonist of the film is only available to a few. Elisabeth Moss was clear that her thing was the cinema and that in the end, the offers would end up raining her and so it has been, although she has to bear to be watched … without knowing who does it!

Moss’s new role in ‘The Invisible Man’ takes her away from all the characters so far starred. The fear, the suspense, and the certainty that some eyes are pending of her – she feels them but she does not see them – keeps the viewer in suspense during the whole film.

You might think that the horror genre is not new to Moss because already in ‘The Tale of the Maid’  the panic and a lot of uncertainty were chewing, but Offred’s fear is much lighter than Cecilia’s in the film that goes Brand new 

toxic relationship, a brilliant couple in the field of science, a suicide and a fortune at stake are the ingredients that dress the film, although according to the actress, for nothing you have to take for granted or how the plot will happen or which It will be her end because the director, Leigh Whannell, has taken a turn to the original plot making it a very personal vision of this classic.

Together with Elisabeth, we can see other faces known as Oliver Jackson-Cohen – in the role of the husband – or Aldis Hodge, Storm Reid, Michael Dorman, a deployment of actors of the good that will surely finish convincing the viewer! that Elisabeth has not already done so!

The film has already seen the light in Los Angeles and according to the critics, both the protagonists and the plot met the expectations created, it remains to be known what will happen with its premiere in Europe.

Elisabeth will once again feel the nerves of a premiere with ‘Shirley’ and ‘ The French Dispatch’, pending to see the light throughout the year and with her as the protagonist.