Paola Jara gets like that in the jacuzzi! Attention what you see!


A brutal bikini

Paola Jara has revolutionized this 2020 with her beauty, body, and revelation that everyone expected. To enjoy a new stage in her life, the Colombian published an image where she gets into the jacuzzi in the most sensual way possible. The tranquility is important before seeing the photo so that the hearts will not jump. Ready for the real action?

On a thoughtful night, the singer and actress preferred to take a bath in the jacuzzi with a revealing piece of bikini . The exercise does not rest for Paola since the figure she gives to contrast with the stage is spectacular.

Jara gave a great gift for the view of the followers, but also for the mind because it was possible to read the following message to live the now: « That we do not spend our lives waiting for better times! Enjoying the way while I reach the goal ». She is seen going through a very good time in every way. Will that happiness has a first and last name?

Paola joy multiplied to receiving feedback from their fans, such as” As always spectacular divine ” That divine woman how to conquer your heart ” and ” very beautiful Sos God bless Queen 

The novel between Paola Jara and Jessi Uribe ends

The rumors of a romance between Paola and Jessi had been in the mood for months, but both flatly denied the situation. There was even a scandal with Uribe’s ex-partner, who accused Jara in various ways of taking away her husband. 

Now, after so many negatives, Paola Jara and Jessi Uribe show their love on social networks. They could be seen together on the beach. Apparently, they have tired of hiding the truth from the world. This will only arouse more controversy, although several artists have already spoken in favor of a couple of the moment.