Sommer Ray teaches the never seen: All open! And there is surprise


It is the first time she does

Since she has discovered that she is just as good at spending the dead hours in the gym crushing her body as doing the sympathetic and seeing how the whole world laughs thanks, Sommer Ray has given free rein to her humorous vein. Today we have to leave us with our mouths open and never better!

You can not deny that you can see the influence of her friend  Amanda Cerny in each of her publications, which she does wearing leggins and lifting weights have almost the same likes as those that the clown goes up, so as not to devote herself to the least Work costs you!

Although without neglecting the sport, yes.

And today  Sommer wants us to know what her craziest mornings look like, but in a humorous way and exaggerating to the fullest!

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mornin love bugs

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Would it have occurred to you that teaching teeth can be funny? And that opening the mouth to the fullest is more?

Well, this is how the model dawns … how scary and how little desire to say good morning in this way, hopefully, they are not all the same!

Gestures, white teeth and face of a few friends is what is seen in a photograph so close to her face that you can almost tell her freckles!

The selfie has gotten out of hand, the face chosen for the moment is the most and the way to open your mouth … not even the lion of the Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer!

Yes, it is true that  Sommer has endeavored to teach us something about her that we had never seen before, but we could have continued to live without knowing this ability. Because more than like us or give us a laugh almost that has scared us to see if now it will give her by terror and such publications!