Get back on the go! Paulina Rubio the mess in Tenerife and at the carnival!


Will you get tired of the controversies someday?

Paulina Rubio lives close to the mess, she is going to mount scandals and that they point her down the street as the lady who prepares shows and not just musicals. Rarely does it leave all these fights unscathed, although that does not matter, the Mexican has an air of diva that not even the largest in  Hollywood reaches it! she has returned to bundle it, in Spain, in Tenerife and in the pre- Carnival.

The moment of more tension and at the same time the most awaited by the people of Tenerife is the election of the queen of their parties that this year is dedicated to the 50s. And this is the gala that Paulina tried to close with more pain than glory … And with many whistles!

The singer seemed plethoric, she was happy to return to the island and she said so to those gathered there. And once released the most beautiful words that occurred to her at that time, Paulina set out to delight the staff with three of her best-known themes.

Neither ‘And I’m still here’, nor ‘Late my heart’ and neither ‘Not a single word’ served to silence the beeps of an audience that soon realized that the artist played more to playback than to use her own voice.

Did you think they wouldn’t realize it or didn’t even care if they noticed it?

Even those closest to the stage dared to ensure that Paulina’s roosters while singing could be heard from the Peninsula …

My mother Paulina the one that you have messed up!

The networks began to burn and the attempts of the singer – who delivered with the choreography what she could not do with the voice – to redirect the show simply remained in that, in mere attempts the evil was already done!

And the gala ended with a new queen and a dignified Pauline who did not want to let the smile be missing on her face despite having tied it, based on good, in one of the most significant moments for the people of Tenerife. And she will do it again because she is like that.