The Season 2 Fortnite is finally a reality: it is one of the most anticipated updates from fans, literally. In fact, more than a hundred days have passed since the last full-bodied update of the battle royale, for which the expectations were very high, and the announcement of Deadpool in Fortnite has certainly paid off the expectations of the fans.

The new additions obviously do not end here, and in addition to the news of the Save the World and Creative mode, new information arrives on what will await us in Fortnite Season 2.

In the new timed missions, for example, players will have to choose the faction to represent, between that of the Ghosts and that of the Shadows, and the missions to be addressed will, therefore, vary depending on the agency chosen.

Then there will be new top-secret places where players will have to infiltrate, neutralizing the guard henchmen to get new weapons. It, therefore, seems that a sort of stealth component has been introduced in the game, given that according to the description on the official website, it will be possible to raid the shelters through secret passages, deactivating security cameras, destroying the guard towers, and using gadgets, disguises and anything else to thwart rival agents.

Then there are 100 rewards, which will unlock new choices of customizations and variations of costumes with the Battle Pass. It will also be possible to regain up to 1500 V-Bucks.

For all other information, we refer you to the official Epic Games website. What do you think of these first features of Fortnite Season 2?