The Kardashian clan loses one of the sisters! and it’s not the same


Goodbye to the little group?

I was sung, so much media exposure and so much camera 24 hours a day in a person’s life leads to madness. And even if you become a millionaire – or even more a millionaire than you already are – you lose the feeling of intimacy. And that the Kardashian and the secrets are not that they make very good crumbs. Today the reality show ‘Keeping up with the Kardashians’ loses one of its members.

Kourtney Kardashian has decided to depart from the media circus and gradually reduce her appearances on the show. She was tired of teaching the world her miseries and those that are not. The excuse is her three children and the repercussions that comments may have on their self-esteem.

Maybe I should have raised it a little earlier … or not?

When the rest of the family has known Kourtney’s intentions, the alarm has jumpedThe first to react have been Kim and Khloé, who have shown their disagreement with their sister and have warned her, they will not make things easy.

In fact, rumors are already circulating that Kim would be thinking of planting a lawsuit against her sister for breach of contract … these are sisters and the rest is nonsense!

There are now 17 seasons of the sisters on the air and it will be in the next installment recorded at the end of 2019 when clashes and bad rolls between the sisters are destroyed when they show their differences when Kourtney rethinks her presence in the show.

On whether they will finally go to court and if Kourtney will leave the program – as is her idea – we will find out as the chapters go by.

For now, and as Queen said ‘Show must go on’


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