Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jackie Chan arrive at the hands … and this way!


It’s hard to imagine something like that

At first glance, there is little in common between Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jackie Chan except for his passion for cinema and for Hollywood. Neither in the physical nor in the roles they have played, not even in height do they coincide. Although some director of the horniest has realized that these differences rather than away could be the reason for them to share the film . ‘The Iron Mask’ has managed to unite these two actors.

The film has nothing to do with the deployment of Schwarzenegger-style muscles and yes with the fighting style that Jackie exhibits in each of his tapes. Of course, in a comic and ironic tone where the ridiculous has its raison d’etre.

Dragons, magic and many fights are the key ingredients in the tape, did anyone think Arnold was finished and his papers too?

Well, take note because of the tape promises …

Curiously, the film is not going to be released worldwide at the same time. Russia and part of Asia already had Arnold and Jackie on the bill as they will do a year ago although with a name somewhat different from the now ‘Journey to China: The Mystery of Iron Mask’ passed through the halls of those cinemas without any type of Glory, will it be different in the rest of the world?

A couple of actors will try to make this remake have more luck in the market than the original film, although the precedents of its premiere are not very flattering and its future in Europe is not very clear either …

It will have to wait until the month of April so that we can judge whether the number of blue dragons that appear next to Jackie and Arnold has a bit more luck than they have had so far.

At least the laughs and the stroking are guaranteed with them.