Notice! Courteney Cox pretends to be Jennifer Aniston!


It supplants it without any problem

Since the rumors began to be heard of a possible return to the screens of the mythical series ‘Friends’, the fans of the small group are in a living together, they just need to be confirmed because the hints that are heard do not help them, nor Even Courteney Cox pretends to be Jennifer Aniston!

The last to enliven the rumors of the impending return has been another of the protagonists, Matthew Perry, who with “big news coming …” has increased the intrigues and the desire to know, will they finish making it public at once to end this suffering?

And while negotiating the cache that each of the characters will charge for their return to life,  Jennifer Aniston celebrates birthdays and blows the candles of her 51 springs too well carried.

Among the congratulations she received from her series partners, Courteney Cox’s was the most occasional and fun: the actress dressed up as her co-star!

Cox is famous among its followers for feeding their social networks quite regularly with videos and publications that have nothing in common, surprise and the atypical humor are always present in them.

And this time it was not going to be the exception … let alone in the case of her friend’s birthday!

Same glasses, an identical wig that mimicked the haircut of Aniston’s character, ‘Rachel’, and a similar dress were enough for both to look like identical clones forcing us even to have to see them a couple of times before ensuring who was authentic!

And while the return of friends is over and the birthday of one of them is celebrated, Jennifer takes the opportunity to become the cover of Interview magazine and demonstrates how great she is at her age.

The same Courteney is encouraged to imitate her as well.