She came back to stay! Janet Jackson returns and does not plan to leave again


After five years of absence, she returns to music

So many pages have been written about the Jackson family that nobody thought it could still be done. But if it’s Janet Jackson and her return after almost 5 years of retirement, things change. The singer returns to the stage and already says so, she has no intention of leaving again!

She has been publicly separated from music for a long time but has taken the opportunity to work, or so she says. And she has also been a mother at almost 50 with her third husband. The five-time Grammy winner has just announced that this year she will be back on a world tour with the new album she is preparing. ‘Black Diamond’ will once again make you travel the world to the delight of all your followers.

Will you visit Spain again after almost 10 years since the last time you did it?

The singer  has made the announcement from her Instagram profile  where she has also taken the opportunity to explain the meaning of the title of her new work because she says, “she considers herself a black diamond in its purest form.”

Since ‘Unbreakable’ saw the light in October 2015 and the subsequent tour, little had been heard from Janet except the single released together with Daddy Yankee, ‘ Made for now’,  which was a success on digital platforms.

‘Black Diamond’ will become the twelfth album of the singer and since the end of June will begin with the tour that has been so desired.

With the volume of sales and its ability to attract its followers, this new album is expected to achieve the success of the precedents. For now, it has been responsible for opening the appetite of all who wanted to hear it again, just listen to confirm that it is still as large as ever.