Shannon de Lima scares! Look what has been put on the face!


His followers are speechless

Shannon de Lima is obsessed with her physique. In particular, what she cares for most is her body and her face, obviously, because that is what stands out the most. To preserve her perfect waist, her scandal curves, her flat stomach or her muscles, she crushes herself playing sports, and strictly follows strict diets that keep her in an incredible state of shape. But, of course, that does not prevent the appearance of imperfections in the skin, such as pimples, pimples, blackheads or wrinkles, something common and logical, it should be remembered that, despite its youthful appearance, the Venezuelan has already entered the thirties. And in her social networks, specifically on Instagram, she taught what her trick is to preserve its beauty and always be faceless. And eye, because it scares.

To begin, the current couple of James Rodriguez was opening a package that had come home, without revealing what is inside until you can not open it completely. And it surprises a kind of mask, which, more than to make a facial and aesthetic treatment, seems made for a superhero, Iron Man style. But, indeed, and as expected, the use is for the face, although in No moment stated exactly what its function is. She just taught herself how she was wearing, and how curious her noise and lights were. Needless to say, her followers were stunned to see this, and they didn’t know what to say.

“My mother, Shannon, but what is it?” how is it? ”,“ I know how much that device should be worth ”or“ It’s the weirdest thing I’ve ever seen ”were some comments.