Daniella Semaan took weight !: Cesc can not with her and Antonella hallucinates!


The player almost can’t move it

It’s nice to know that the divine and famous also have problems with weight, that from time to time they have pimples on their faces and that not everything is as perfect as seen on Instagram. Daniella Semaan, the perfect woman of Cesc Fábregas is not as ideal as it seems or has taken some weight or Fabregas is very lazy!

It takes very little imagination to translate the football player’s gesture of disgust. His wife has ceased to be the ethereal companion we used to see in the photographs and has become a normal person who has eaten a little more. Weight is also a problem that haunts celebrities.

What a drama Daniella knows that her husband sees them and wants them to move her!

And is that Monegasque beaches are the most appropriate place to suffer from some overweight on her part or lack of strength to carry her in his arms, where has the syllable that has become the shadow of Antonella Roccuzzo?

“I don’t think it’s so heavy, my love,” writes the Lebanese with the intention of justifying her kilos and being able to blame him for lack of resistance from Cesc.

“I was just pretending, my life,” Fabregas replies to his wife.

We are not overweight or lack of strength, all orchestrated to upload the photo to the networks and seem the most friendly. Although yes, seasoned with extra ‘love of the good’ and sweetness with the words of one and the other.

The same will be good for Daniella to cut her outings with Antonella or limit dinners to the appetizer, lest the extra kilos come true and Cesc can’t with her, and this time, rightly