Jen Selter wants you to see her like this! while recording on video


They consider her the ‘goddess of fitness’

Jen Selter can not only claim to be a sought-after fitness model, a renowned personal trainer and an online personality. The influencer is proud to have accumulated a fortune based on sharing sports routines and videotaping them!

Not only Yuliett Torres, Yarishna Ayala or Sara Corrales have found a job in fitness that guarantees juicy income, but Selter is also the example par excellenceAstronomical figures that can exceed $ 50,000! For each of the photographs or videos that you upload to your networks, is it or is it not a business to model the body and be able to publish it?  

All this huge amount of money requires Jen to show her palm over the nets counting the benefits of sports, as if not to see her teaching her belly button and abs with such astronomical figures!

No one is better than her to encourage the rest to practice. And as she knows the costs of that sport and is abandoned more times than is followed, she proposes small goals, short-term objectives in videos that she wants us to see. That’s how she started and soon she began to notice the changes in her physique.

And since then videos, photos, and advertisements of nutritional supplements or sports-related services that help keep your heritage growing!

‘The goddess of fitness’ is the name with which she is recognized in the networks, and once she is seen and known, reasons for her to be called that way are not lacking. And always with leggings or with a bikini to make it easier to give the exercise, or is that the excuse?

Because this is how you can see in your publications, in the gym or anywhere, you can always look for an alternative to enclosed spaces.

The thing is to see her because it is what she wants. And follow her advice, what exercise and results she knows for a while.