Thalia sweeps !: Leave JLo on the floor in the pre-Super Bowl!


Did the party get out of hand?

The Super Bowl brings tail and the artists invited to it, too. Since it was learned that Shakira and Jennifer López would compete in style and style, the thing is burning. But it is seen that not only the time of the average was the most anticipated, in the party prior to the sporting event Thalia was able to dismantle the myth of JLo!

Cute monkeys and long shots, so the whole guest was introduced to the party that marks the beginning of the Super Bowl a few hours in advance, this year marked by the Latin character that you want to give the occasion to have representatives of Colombia and Puerto Rican family as stars. Although they forgot that the Sarao of before has as much or more importance – stylistically speaking – than the party itself.

Meeting of two greats of the music and selfie moment, it is noted that Thalia’s smile and her character is the same next to the Bronx diva. Snapshot and advertising on the networks … without falling that this time JLo does not come out at all favored! Thalia leaves the diva at the height of the bitumen!

Was there no one to advise you to upload another photograph and not that one?

While the Mexican comes out as graceful as everthe Bronx’s smile fails, the angle from which the photo has been taken and everything in general … do we ever think that JLo might not have felt with the flash?

Well, this time is this … neither right nor luck gives more the feeling of a singer who has abused the party and with a nose that does not seem to be her.

There are those who are not afraid of selfies because they always work out well and there are those that always come out favored, occasionally they sing. Like JLo, because today there is no one to see it.