Sperpentic! Shakira wanted to make history using her tongue!


She couldn’t think of a better way to go viral

The most anticipated moment of what we have of the year lasted so little and it became so short that we were left wanting more. The duel between the Bronx diva and  Shakira was almost more expected than the game itself, Shak had it raw if the intention was to compete in style with JLo. That’s why she used her tongue … to make history almost sound like a joke.

While J Balvin and Bad Bunny appeared in the middle time without much grief or glory, Shakira managed to make the next day everyone in her mouth, wasn’t that the goal?

Red body and red boots, little cloth and a lot of movement, the typical Colombian dance where the hips have little respite while the song lasts. So far everything would have been as bland and expected as always, although it was not.

While she was acting, the Colombian approached the camera and staring began to stick and stick her tongue out at a dizzying pace while guttural sounds came out of her throat, the strangest thing!

Did your saliva go astray during your performance or did your head go out because of the nerves of the moment?

Hypotheses, assumptions and little logical things came to mind, we needed an explanation!

Tribal shouts, a tribute to its Lebanese origins is what it says that this convulsive movement of the tongue along with the sounds meant … did anyone understand anything?

They say it is a way of expressing joy, demonstrating happiness without using words, although what it will bring is going to be more of a headache. The jokes have not been expected and her gesture has gone viral, she wanted to go down in history but she didn’t think how!

Will you use your hips and tongue again on the same subject or have you realized how eerie the image is?