Laurence Bédard forgets the fabric in her latest scandal model


It never leaves indifferent.

For tastes and colors at the end of the day, there is nothing written. Laurence Bédard has found the ideal way to get attention with particular characteristics. The beauty and body keep it, but it adds an ornament to your skin that we are not accustomed to in most influencers. What is it about?

The Canadian has a great fondness for tattoos, this shows since it is difficult to find any part of her body that is not written with indelible ink. Each one has a meaning that has marked its 26 years of life.

In the last scandal model she used, the immediate appreciation is that she has forgotten the fabric. The green attire with a pronounced neckline and pant-shaped finish is wonderful. We do not know what you are staring out the window, but we are sure of what your followers detailed in the post. She has plenty of front power at its best. 

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Wearing @fashionnova ad 🖤 look for Serene satin jogger

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130 thousand likes came to the photo, as well as comments of the type« How beautiful it appears in the photo very beautiful princess »« Very attractive. Cute hair and pose are top-notch ” and ” It’s amazing how amazing you are.  

Laurence Bédard changes the dynamic

As with large sizes and conventional models, a new trend with a renewed style now begins. Bédard wants the bodies invaded by tattoos to be normalized so that it is not a rarity. She has commented that even when she goes down the street she is discriminated against because of her appearance.

Laurence Bédard’s struggle has to do with the acceptance and appreciation of tattoos as art and not as a negative symbol of rebellion. At the moment she has more than 2.6 million soldiers who support her in this new adventure. The charming influencer of ink has much to say yet with her publications.