Google responds to complaints about the lack of ads in Stadia


Google has addressed user concerns about future updates, upcoming releases and new features for the cloud game service, Stadia.

Reports on several sites earlier this week pointed to the frustration that the Stadia community has. Users complain that 40 days have passed since Google added or announced a new game for the platform, and it only started working 69 years ago. 

In addition, the publications complain about the lack of compatibility with iOS (and that the only compatible Android phones are Pixels), Stadia’s basic membership without subscription or periodic updates and other features.

What Google says about it:

A Google spokesman said the Stadia team has been providing weekly updates on the Stadia community forum, as well as monthly summaries on the Google blog.

We understand their desire to hear more specific things about games. After “everything is what this is about: games. However, not all titles that are announced will do so through the Stadia team. We offer publishers the possibility of making the announcement about their IP / games ”, as well as choosing“ the platforms on which they are going to go out, in the same way, that they do with the exclusive content that is marketed in Stadia ”.

“There are many reasons that lead to game announcements being made at a given time, since planned promotions or events, the state of development or the proximity of a first playable demo come into the equation, not to mention the obligations imposed by shareholders. We are excited to share more about the exclusive games that will come out in Stadia soon, ”he concludes.

The Stadia team has already promised 4K resolution and support for the wireless controller when playing in browsers, support for Android phones and other additional functions, will be implemented at the end of March.

Since these complaints began, Google has announced that in the month of February the premium holders will have two free titles. On the one hand, Metro Exodus, the most recent work set in the world of novels created by Dmitry Glukhovsky, which will premiere its final expansion that same month. And the latest production of the Spanish studio Tequilla Works will be the other free title. Gold is a fantasy adventure starring a girl who must face her fears.

Subscribers will be able to add Gilt and Metro Exodus to their collections next month, increasing the total number of games included to seven (they can claim Samurai Showdown and Rise of the Tomb Raider before January 31).

What do you think about the current status of Stadia?