Bad Bunny and his together! The photo that sweeps in the last hours


They approach and share drinks …

Bad Bunny has just made it clear that he writes songs with the same ease with which he changes his glasses. Just a few hours ago of the death of  Kobe Bryant and the eight companions who flew with him in the wrecked helicopter and has already dedicated a song to him, there is no doubt that he is music. Although the duets and collaborations seem to be not bad at all, especially if they are with artists like Becky G!

Two greats of the moment who wanted to collaborate and to be mentioned together. Becky sweeping with his album ‘ Mala Santa ‘ and Bad reaping the same amount of successes with ‘Oasis’, but what better way to add the applause of both?

Since they met and recorded ‘Mayores ‘ the friendship of the singers has been increasing, it was even mentioned that the way they dance and the closeness of their bodies while interpreting the video clip of the theme could be more than just friendship … Has the athlete who shares life with Becky approved?

It seems that they are only friends, very close …

Music has caused a link between them to give rise to misinterpretations and to talk about a couple beyond what is musically spoken.

Together with the two, dressed in black and with the style that accompanies them in each of their interpretations, have thus been allowed to photograph. And sharing a drink like two … good friends?

Success and applause for the musical duo and nothing at all for those who believe they see more than stage moments.

And is that thinking about the possibility of a couple like this makes us stand on end, it would be the most particular!