Cristina Hurtado scores a Sol Pérez while Juanes grabs him!


The presenter copies Solci

No one doubts that the way Sol Pérez poses should be subject to intellectual property rights, they reproduce one and the other but none with the self-confidence with which Argentina does. Nor did it occur to us that Cristina Hurtado could turn to her, but apparently the presenter is on the wave of what is carried in poses.

The excuse was the appearance of Juanes in the program she presents, two handsome men on the same set although only she with an imposing physique, as if it were necessary for Cris to copy for us to realize what he has!

The presenter approaches the singer, the singer grabs him by the waist of and momentarily immortalized with photography while she reproduces the typical pose of Argentina, can she be so delicately indiscreet with so much style?

Of course, unlike La Sobri de Pérez, José Narváez’s wife looked the most chaste and puritanical because her skin looked rather small.

Wide-legged but tight pants where they have to be and jersey gray, Cristina received Juanes just as simple as the singer true to her style did not take off a millimeter of the ways that always accompany her.

Where will have been the swimsuits and those little models of fabric that she owns and image? Too much to receive Juanes?

It is clear to us that the lower part of Cris’s back is as impressive as that of Solci and that of copying ideas but with a personal touch he is not bad at all.

Cris likes Juanes but we have also discovered on her wall that Elizabeth Loaiza is another of her unconditional. And Juanes shows that Cris also likes it although he imitates the poses of others