Caitlyn Jenner says that with Sophia Hutchins she only has a “good friendship”


Asked about whether there was a romance with the model, Caitlyn said: “She is 23 years old and I am 70. She is younger than my daughters!”

Caitlyn Jenner has made things clear about the nature of her relationship with Sophia Hutchins once and for all, insisting that the 23-year-old model is “just a good friend.”

While it was speculated that the 70-year-old reality star was dating Sophia, Caitlyn said that while the dazzling blonde lives with her, there is no romance between the couple.

“I have a good friend named Sophia who also lives in the house … No (we don’t go to bed together),” Caitlyn said when she was interviewed at Kyle and Jackie O Show of KIIS FM of Australia on Tuesday. “She is beautiful but she is only 23 years old and I am 70, let’s go! She is younger than my daughters!

Calling Sophia “very smart,” Caitlyn added that she was somewhat lost when her friend recently went on a trip and left her alone.

Caitlyn’s statement comes after Sophia insisted last year that she and the star of I Am Cait were never “emotionally involved.”