Ariana Grande Worries Her Fans Again About Her Brother’s Excesses

Ariana Grande

Ariana Grande’s family is going through a bad time because of the excesses of the singer’s brother.

It is clear that Ariana Grande is one of the most successful and famous artists of today. With extraordinary sales numbers and a number of reproductions, she averages a very good career for her young age.

The singer born in Florida is recognized worldwide, but also from social networks. On Instagram, it has more than 171 million followers, which makes it one of the most powerful on the platform.

But this time, Ariana Grande was not news for presenting a new hit or for the work of her wonderful talents, but for a reason a little more scandalous and that could affect her personally.

The interpreter of “7 Rings” was again close to the drama of drugs and alcohol. Although she was not affected, it is always the people closest to her who suffer from this type of problem.

On this occasion, her brother Frankie, who is engaged in acting, had a relapse with his addiction problems. For a time, Ariana Grande’s brother had been away from these problems, but it seems that this path has become much more difficult.

Fans of the actress and singer have been very worried about this situation that her family is going through since this was the path that her former partner, Mac Miller had traveled.

And it is that throughout her life,  the protagonist of the series Victorius was not known any episode of addictions. But he has always loved them from very close.