Marjorie De Sousa Celebrated Her Six Million Followers In Front Of The Pool On Instagram

Marjorie de Sousa

The Venezuelan knows how to waddle her hips

The swagger of Marjorie de Sousa in front of the pool has her fans full of delight. The reason for this publication in the official account of the actress is because the actress celebrated the six million followers she now has on Instagram.

Before the news, many ran to see how many fans her former Julian Gil has on that network and it turns out that the actor has three million fans, that is, he barely takes half of the six now celebrated by the actress.

On the other hand, many will remember the last time Marjorie was seen with a pool in the background, with a video he published last January 2, which to date has given him more than almost two million views.

It should be noted that the video with which he celebrated her six million followers has made her fans watch for a new, possible, bikinazo by the actress, who before closing the year 2019 shared a fulminating tanguita on Instagram.