Liam Hemsworth Has Already Forgotten Miley Cyrus! Is Caught On The Beach Kissing With His New Love


The actor celebrated his 30th birthday in a very romantic way

The actor Liam Hemsworth, who on Monday turns no less than 30 years old, has indirectly confirmed that he has regained the illusion in love through revealing images that portray him enjoying a pleasant and romantic day at the beach with the model Gabriella Brooke, who was linked for the first time last December and with whom he has no qualms about sharing gestures of affection in public.

So much so, that the two lovers were sighted yesterday Sunday celebrating in advance the great day of the youngest of the Hemsworth brothers in Byron Bay, the Australian city to which he returned shortly after ending his marriage to singer Miley Cyrus and in which also reside his brother Chris and his wife, the Spanish interpreter Elsa Pataky.

As is clear from the aforementioned snapshots, the couple spared no kisses, caresses and even the occasional slap on the back to make the most of their day together: an attitude that undoubtedly highlights the good progress of a romance that, despite being in its early stages, it could have a lot of future. “Liam does not want to hurry and takes it easy, but it is clear that he is very interested in it,” explained a source to People magazine a few weeks ago.

The same publication said at the time that the 21-year-old had already met her boy’s parents, as well as other members of the Hemsworth clan, over the past Christmas period, to the point of even going to the party ‘ disco ‘ with which Elsa wanted to entertain her friends to welcome the new year.