Kanye West Gave Kim Kardashian The Most Romantic And Original Gift


The rapper showed his most detailed part with this significant gift

Long since Kanye West decided that the best gifts he could give his wife Kim Kardashian, a woman who can afford to buy anything you want, they are those with sentimental value to the material.

In the past, the rapper has surprised the mother of his four offspring for his birthday or for Christmas by giving him shares worth $ 200,000 from various companies such as Apple, Netflix or Disney and donating a million dollars to charities, but this time he has surpassed himself with a jewel that aims to remind him that he can get everything he wants.

“If you look closely, you can see that it is a text message that Kanye wrote to me. He found a vintage gold plate from Cartier and had it engraved. He is always very considerate when it comes to giving gifts to others, ”Kim explained in her Instagram account next to an image of that special piece that looks on a chain around her neck.

The celebrity has also shared a screenshot of the conversation that inspired her husband, which consisted of a photograph of the views from one of the windows of his home that he sent accompanied by the following text: “This is your life. Married with four children. You get people out of jail. You appear on the cover of Vogue. You go to church with your family every week. Dreams come true”. 

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Kanye’s gift to @kimkardashian

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