Can Not Be! Is Chiquis Rivera A Victim Of Domestic Violence?


After their latest publications, fans begin to suspect Lorenzo Méndez.

Chiquis Rivera alerted everyone after posting a video on social networks in which he can be seen with a visible bruise in her eye.

The daughter of the deceased Jenni Rivera turned on the alarms by showing herself in this way and received hundreds of messages thanking the situation did not happen to adults.

In a publication made by her, the reasons why her face has such a condition are disclosed, but doubts remain present.

In the video, the singer and songwriter commented: “I don’t know if they saw that I went to Estrella Esterex and I had a procedure under my eyes and then a little thing happened, don’t be scared, ok?”, And there began the speculation.

And since the beginning of the clip, the 34-year-old artist showed only half of her face, trying to hide the mistreated and bruised left eye.

Although they always support her, this time the followers of Lorenzo Méndez’s partner couldn’t help but criticize her. Among the comments of the publication, there is one that stands out: “So young and beautiful and so many things are already done”.

For its part, Chiquis Rivera was responsible for ensuring that her husband is not to blame for the bruises on her face, but that they are the price that must be paid for performing cosmetic “touch-ups.”