Selena Gomez Reveals She Will No Longer Make Extremely Sexy Clips: “I Promised My Sister”

Selena Gomez in the 2016 Hands To Myself clip (Photo: Reproduction)

The singer released her new album, Rare, this Friday

Selena Gomez fans will never see a new clip of the singer that shows extremely sexy scenes. The one who guaranteed this was the star herself, who said she will no longer make videos showing any kind of sexual content.

According to the Hollywood Life website, during a party to celebrate the release of her new album, Rare, several clips of Selena’s career were shown, including the video for Hands To Myself, released in 2016.

The singer was surprised to see this clip. “I didn’t know you were going to show this video. My sister is here,” said the singer, while the video was being played. “I told my sister I’m not going to make videos like this anymore.” Selena is Gracie’s sister, 6 years old.

“It’s not really necessary (to have extremely sexy scenes in the videos), in my opinion,” explained the singer.

In Hands To Myself’s video, Selena is a fan obsessed with a movie star. She breaks into the man’s house and appears wearing only bra and panties, imagining kissing with the actor on her bed – see the video below: