Amanda Cerny At The Gym, How You Had Never Seen Her!


The American continues with her workouts that are making her earn thousands of euros

Amanda Cerny will remain in 2020 one of the most followed women on Instagram. And now he has opened her own channel which he has called AmandaFit. It already has half a million followers and grows more every day. Not only now they hire her to model, or make television commercials, she is gaining fame as a personal trainer and does not stop generating income thanks to it. We have been able to see her in one of her workouts and we have fallen in love.

The one in Pennsylvania is celebrating its 29th birthday this year. It has been growing at the same level as its fame. Her relationship with Austrian Johann Bartl continues. Although they look little, because now the personal trainer and Instagram are in Europe, they always have moments to connect and talk. As Amanda records on her Instagram now whenever she can.

Remember that your step-brother Nick Bateman is also one of the most famous Instagram guys. And it must come as a family to dominate social networks so well. The Canadian is one of the sexiest men in the world and gained fame, especially after her videos doing martial arts with little clothes and a lot of muscle.

Amanda Cerny  keeps thinking about the future and many say she will even start her acting career. At the moment he has collaborated in a video clip and wants to continue growing behind the cameras. With the experience he has on her YouTube channel, he sure doesn’t get nervous when it comes to acting.

With the photo after finishing the physical exercise, he makes it clear that he knows how to combine colors and that her physical condition cannot be better. We can see part of her perfect abdomen.  More flat impossible. Pure fiber and pure muscle. We see that her own classes are doing very well.