Christina Milian Pregnant: She Is About To Give Birth! (Photo)


Christina Milian will give birth shortly, while she is having a good time surrounded by her darling M Pokora and her daughter Violet!

Matt Pokora and Christina Milian will soon welcome the fruit of their love. This January 7 the young woman displayed a huge baby bump, it’s a story of a few days! We talk to you about it.

Indeed, Christina Milian appeared with a huge baby bump on the latest Insta story from her sweetheart. Besides, she does not deprive herself of all during her pregnancy and willingly puts on tacos. Obviously they are prepared by him, being of Cuban origin, the cuisine of South America has no secrets for her. To please Matt as well as Violet, she, therefore, went behind the stove.

So this Tuesday evening it was tacos at home, certainly a desire for a pregnant pregnant woman! Besides, this spicy dish could make this little belly work. Expected for the month of January, their little boy could point the tip of his nose at any time. Regardless, M Pokora paused on her tour to be by her side.


Christina Milian has already had a child (Violet) from her previous relationship with the rapper The Dream. So she knows the joys of motherhood, while for the singer it’s brand new! But he already knows what kind of father he will be for this child. As he had entrusted to Télé-Loisirs, he will be “cool but straddling discipline” dad. In addition, he intends to instill in him “the values ​​of work, respect, healthy living, sport…”.

Besides, he has already been able to train with the daughter of Christina Milian, whom he considers her daughter. “I have an old school education. I’m a little strict, I can already see it with my daughter-in-law” However, the artist also knows how to have a good time with her beautiful daughter, as Christina showed in her latest story Insta. We can see them playing video games and it’s adorable!