Kylie Jenner Nostalgic for Her Pregnancy? She Reveals a Photo of Her Baby Bump!


Kylie Jenner took a step back in time for an Instagram photo. The young mother has unveiled a photo of her former baby bump …

Kylie Jenner seems nostalgic for her pregnancy. And she lets it be known! Indeed, the star has unveiled a somewhat special photo on her Instagram account. The latter was taken when she had a baby bump. An adorable photo that of course made her fans crack!

Two years ago, Kylie Jenner’s life changed forever. Indeed, on February 1, 2018, the American star gave birth to her daughter Stormi. An adorable baby she had with rapper Travis Scott. And since then, the young woman is on a cloud of happiness.

However, her relationship with her father did not last. The couple separated indeed a few weeks ago. Then leaving the fans in doubt because according to rumors the ex would be ready to revive …


Nevertheless, separation or not, Kylie Jenner does not forget her maternal instincts. And at barely 22 years old, she seems ready to already have a second baby! This is in any case what suggests her last photo on her Instagram account. So when is a little brother or sister for Stormi?

This Wednesday, January 8, Kylie Jenner posted an old photo of her. And the latter is original. Indeed, we discover Kylie beaming in a crop top. The latter then let appear her baby bump. The youngest of the Kardashians legend: “Go back on my pregnancy. I can’t believe my daughter will be two years old soon. ”

And this photo of Kylie Jenner has delighted more than one! Indeed, very few photos of her pregnant exist. She had been very discreet at the time. In total, more than 8 million people liked the photo!