Jazz (Jlc Family): New Bad Buzz for the Mother! (Video)


Fans are relentless on Jazz (JLC Family). Despite the climatic context, she wastes water by washing her hair in her jacuzzi.

Again, Jazz (JLC Family) is being lynched on social networks. The young woman dared to wash her hair in her jacuzzi… MCE TV tells you everything!

Nothing is going right in the life of Jazz. Very criticized the way she educates her daughter, the young woman has just been talked about. Fans were sorry for the fate of the pretty brunette because of her miscarriage. However, they did not hesitate to put it back in its place, because of its latest fad. Indeed, we are in the midst of an ecological disaster which proves once again that the climate disaster does indeed have consequences.

For several weeks, Australia has been ravaged by fires that are spreading day by day. The latter also destroys many animal lives. Still, that doesn’t stop Jazz from wasting water over and over again. When it comes to her hair, Chelsea’s mom goes to great lengths. Even if it means making many enemies!


“Many times I have more hot water at home I still wash my head in cold water it’s not like if you wash your body in cold water you have to stop …”; ”  Waste as much water, while she published the satellite photo (supposedly eh !!!) of Australia in flames, it’s really damn bad mouth more there is no water in Dubai no more… But what stupidity ”; “It’s a shame, they don’t respect anything !!!! “Like many critics who have enjoyed following the Jazz madness.

Washing your hair in a jacuzzi because there is no hotter water seems ridiculous for Jazz fans. There is no doubt that the couple will have to change the water because of the soap. Do not panic ! the reality TV candidate is not the only one to have been lynched on Insta. Kylie Jenner got her share of criticism after the publication of her real fur slippers…