Quentin Tarantino Still Plans To Retire After The Tenth Film


Once upon a time Hollywood was one of the great protagonists of the Golden Globe 2020, where the film was awarded for the best screenplay, the best supporting actor (Brad Pitt) and as the best comedy or musical film. During the celebrations, however, there was also a moment to talk about Quentin Tarantino ‘s future.

“The idea is to make yourself want a little more. This has always been the Vaudevillian method,” said the director during the press conference, confirming what he had already revealed in the months preceding the release of his ninth film. “I like the idea of a 10-film filmography, especially a filmography in which for 30 years I gave everything I had, and then dropped the microphone saying” Ok, that’s all. “And there are other things I can to do, I can direct theater shows, I can do a TV series, I can do many different things, but in this way, the filmography will resist. “

Regardless of how it goes, therefore, there will be other opportunities to enjoy Tarantino’s genius, who can finally dedicate himself entirely to writing: “There is an artistic purpose that has guided me from start to finish, and I think this is very cool. I think it’s magnificent. Also over time, I have given a lot, and now I like the idea of ​​becoming above all a screenwriter. Just me, my pen and a piece of paper. “

At the moment it has not yet been revealed what the director’s tenth and final film will actually be, which in addition to having a Star Trek project at stake has opened up the possibility of ending the career with horror or the third chapter of Kill Bill. What would you like to see Tarantino’s latest film? Let us know in the comments.