STALKER 2 Uses Unreal Engine 4 As The Graphics Engine


STALKER 2, announced which graphics engine is being used to develop the game: Unreal Engine 4.

With a message on Twitter GSC GameWorld announced that to develop STALKER 2, it has chosen Unreal Engine 4, the Epic Games graphics engine. In reality, the announcement was made earlier by Epic, but the confirmation was not long in coming.

Someone immediately wondered if STALKER 2 will be an Epic Games Store exclusive, but GSC GameWorld declined to comment and said that it will talk about platforms and digital stores later.

Otherwise not much more has been revealed on STALKER 2. We know that the original trilogy will follow, consisting of Shadow of Chernobyl, Clear Sky and Call of Pripyat, which the developers aim to create a title with unique atmospheres, which will not have battle mode royale and that will have tools for modders, but that’s all.