Fortnite: Fireworks At Sweaty Sands, Craggy Cliffs Or Harassment Piers


Fortnite: fireworks at Sweaty Sands, Scogli Scogli or Moli Molesti is a new challenge of Midsummer 2019: here is a guide to complete it.

It’s called Shoot fireworks Sands Sweaty, or Steep Cliffs Moli Molesti and is one of the last challenges posed by Epic Games for Event Fortnite Chapter 2 of Christmas 2019, ie Mezz’Inverno 2019. In this quick guide you we will provide our advice to complete it quickly, and easily.

To complete the challenge Shoot fireworks at Sweaty Sands, Craggy Cliffs or Harassing Piers of Fortnite Chapter 2 ( Midsummer 2019) all you have to do is find a firework on the beach and throw it in the air, interacting with the object in question (Square button on PlayStation 4, Eon PC). Now, the fireworks are limited in every game of Epic Games’ Battle Royale: all fired, you will have to start a new match to find others.

It follows that it is essential to know the position of all the fireworks on the Fortnite game map Chapter 2: here it is, in this practical image. Go to one of the colored areas, the land quickly, and interact with the first object you see, before your opponents do.