Pokémon GO: Defeat Giovanni Of Team Go Rocket, His Team In January 2020


Giovanni, the leader of Team GO Rocket, almost completely changed his team on Pokémon GO in January 2020: so let’s see how to defeat him.

Recently the developers of Niantic Labs have introduced a new game mechanic linked to Team GO Rocket, its recruits, its leaders and its undisputed leader, Giovanni, inside Pokémon GO. Tackling and defeating the latter is certainly not a simple undertaking, and it will not be even in January 2020, now that it has changed teams. We are therefore going to explain to you both Giovanni ‘s new team from Team GO Rocket, which will remain present throughout the month of January 2020 on Pokémon GO; is, of course, how to defeat the leader of Team GO Rocket

. Let’s start with his Pokémon: he will field three of them as usual, starting with Persian, passing randomly between Cloyster, Kangaskhan and Garchomp, finally concluding with Shadow Moltres. If you manage to defeat Giovanni, you can capture dark Moltres, very precious to enrich your collection.

Which Pokémon to use to get the better of Team GO Rocket? Fighting-type Pokémon is certainly appreciated, supereffective against both Persian and Cloyster and Kangaskhan. However, Cloyster is also weak on the Grass, Electro and Rock types, while Garchomp is more easily hit by Ice, Dragon, and Elf. Finally, Moltres is weak to the Rock, Electro and Water types.